The NUCCA Online Modules are designed for doctors and students, beginners and advanced, who are seeking a greater understanding of this incredible technique.  The modules tend to be short and very specific to a topic area.  Topics range in all aspects of what it takes to be a successful NUCCA Doctor.  From aligning your X-ray machine to analyzing your images, examining the patient to delivering the adjustment, from understanding the upper cervical anatomy to calculating the adjusting vector, the Online Modules cover it all.   

The modules are purposefully short and to the point.  You can access what you need, when you need it and at your own pace.  If you are new to the work, you will need to watch topic areas in the proper sequence.  If you are more advanced, you can target certain areas you need help with, without the need to listen to an entire lecture. 

New material will be added as instructors see a need and as standards of care are further developed.  All material has been created and vetted by Credentialed Instructors overseen by the NUCCA Education Committee and the Standards and Certification Committee.